Thursday, July 04, 2002

My name is bridgette taggart I am 12 years old. and, this is about my life. Today, is the fourth of July. I went to my aunt Lillian's house n with my stepmom stephanie, my dad and, my sisters Brandy and, Larisa. Brandy is, 6 she is going in 1st grade. Larisa is 10 and, she is going in 5th grade. I have 4 sisters and, 2 brithers. My brother Josh lives in michigan with his mom. I am not supposed to know about him but, my mom told me anyways. he is my dad's son. I am the 2nd oldest. i've got a stepsister Ruby. She is going to be 12 on the 19th. My sister larisa is 10 my brother william is 6 and, his twin Brandy is also 6 (of course) and, then there is my little sister genna. she is t he picnic, I just found out that, my friend Shawna is my cousin. I always have loved being with my family. Ruby didn't go. she is with her dad. William and, genna didn't go either. they are up in Eastlake with my aunt cheryl. I have to go over to my dad's house this weekend. I don't like being there because, I can't talk on the phone for hours at a time. His wife is mean, I am not aloud to hang out with my friends Courtney and megan because, he thinmks that, they are hoes. I have to act like I don't even like them when I am there. but, oh well. I don't like my dad. he "forgets" that we are coming over and, goes to the bar. Even, when we are there for the weekend, he goes to the bar or his friend's house. well, g2g because i am getting tired.